Zerafin was formed as a group of many nationalities and backgrounds, and its foremost trademark are the unique instruments: The Chinese erhu, Syrian qanun, Armenian duduk and the pan flute melt together with viola da gamba, double bass, percussion and voice.
In the five years that this ensemble exists many composers (a.o. Fabio Nieder Guus Jansen and Wilbert Bulsink) have accepted the challenge to write for this unique combination of people and instruments, to try to create a new sound, to connect and melt the instruments or to bring out the contrasts.
Much work was done by creating a contemporary ensemble-sound, a oneness that distinguishes itself from other groups and combinations by its very special colors.

In the five years of their collaboration the musicians have grown towards each other, musically and as human beings. An interesting development was to get to know each other’s instruments and to understand the way they are played – and to translate this to ones own instrument. In this way, a unique sound crystallized. All the musicians of Zerafin have thrown themselves into this collaboration from the very beginning and with total conviction. This is mainly conceived on stage. The chemistry between the musicians catalyzes a contagious energy: The radiating pleasure of making music!

Zerafin presented (under the name of Ziggurat) 43 concerts, whereof two for the queen Beatrix, four abroad (Russia, Finland, England), five in the big hall of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, five in other big concert halls, two on conservatories and two during the Gaudeamus week, where Ziggurat also gave an international composers master class of a week.

There were collaborations with the Nieuw Ensemble, the Nederlands Kamer Orkest and the Limburg Symfonie Orkest. Two big music theater projects were realized:
Babylon (2007, music theater production for big halls) with six performances and the project Terra Incognita (2005) that had ten performances.
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