is a colorful, cosmopolitan ensemble, open and contemporary. The musicians come from all over the world and are specialists on their instrument. They have lived in the Netherlands for many years.
Zerafin is a tight group, seasoned and polished by a long-standing collaboration. Zerafin is fresh and daring, and during concerts this driven group radiates enthusiasm, joy and energy.

The music of
Zerafin moves between contemporary composed music, world music and improvisation.
Zerafin regularly collaborates with other ensembles, musicians and artists from other disciplines. Zerafin plays on small, medium and big stages and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Zerafin plays for a broad audience of music- and culture lovers.

Zerafin gives the Dutch society an opportunity to participate in the authentic richness that each musician brings to the Netherlands. Zerafin is our present for the Dutch music.
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